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Welcome to your 8th grade year!

Please remember to: Be Here! Be Ready! Be Respectful!  Be Great!  Be Griffin! 🙂

Summer Reading Finished? 

If so, you may begin to submit your work to me on Tuesday – August 15th.

If not, you have until 8 September to have things finished. Late fees begin after 9/8/2017.

AC ELA Summer Reading assignment:  ELA 8AC summer reading character log and assignments

*We are putting binders together during class this week – make sure you have your supplies. Don’t forget to bring at least one pack of 4×6 lined index cards – daily use.




Welcome to 8th AC English Language Arts! 

Please feel free to peruse and get to know how to navigate the pages of my blog.

Supply list, daily tasks, homework, upcoming events and the like will be posted here weekly.

Stay Tuned!

Ms. D. Howell